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Replacement necks to make your instrument as premium and personal as you are

Check back soon as we are currently developing a network of professional artists that will offer some unique inlay concepts based around their work. You will have the option to work directly with a chosen artist to develop a personalized inlay for your Fender style guitar based on what inspires you!  We utilize a unique system to inlay painted work that offers tremendous design opportunity at a price that allows more players to participate in experiencing a personalized guitar!!

Use the "contact us" form for pricing and available options and check back often as we will be adding an order form to allow you to customize your build in the store.  You will be able to pick from a host of premium woods, as well as options currently limited to the boutique makers such as semi-hemispherical fret ends, open headstocks, contrasting veneers on the back of the headplate and much more!

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Chris Robertson

Owner, Luthier and Life Long Craftsman

Check Below for examples of my inlay designs!  These will all be available as "stock" options.  I would be happy to work with you on something more personal and I'd also direct you to look at the amazing work of our partners.  Cheers!


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Kirk Maggio


Kirk Maggio is a Maryland based artist who works on national and international projects with his fine art oil paintings. The demand for his work was initiated early on with his sports art, but most recently, Kirk has shifted his focus on landscapes, water imagery, and 3-dimensional oil paintings that have been extremely popular


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